The Nairobi Ultimate Disc League (NUDL)

The Nairobi Ultimate Disc League (NUDL) was started in 2022 with the goal of keeping City Ultimate's growth alive. The 7 teams in the league show the strong spirit of ultimate players, fans, and the community as a whole. The NUDL's mission is to increase the visibility of one of Nairobi County's fastest-growing sports by creating fun, family-friendly events that showcase the sport being played at its highest level.

Ultimate is a fast-paced, exciting sport that combines rules and playing styles from many of the most popular competitive sports. Ultimate is played in many formats around the world at all competitive levels. For many years, there have been college competitions, as well as club national and international championships. The Nairobi Ultimate Disc League (NUDL) is the premier Ultimate Disc League in the Kenya's capital Nairobi


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